Founded in 2016, Rae & Rose Floral Co. is a floral design studio that specializes in weddings and special events. Located in San Francisco, Rae & Rose Floral Co, provides custom designed, fresh from the garden arrangements and lush bouquets to the greater Bay Area and beyond. Rae & Rose Floral Co. is owned and operated by Chelsea Jurado and Genevieve Haight. Natives of Half Moon Bay, CA, Chelsea and Genevieve have been best friends for over twenty years with each bringing their unique design perspective to Rae & Rose Floral Co.

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      Genevieve brings a background in tech sales, a passion for fashion and an eye for minimalist design to her work at Rae & Rose Floral Co.  Genevieve’s approach to floral design is freeform and organic.  She takes inspiration from color, seasonality and architecture to create arrangements that are whimsical yet modern. Genevieve is constantly seeking inspiration from her surroundings, and always jumps at the opportunity to visit someplace new. Beyond fashion and travel, Genevieve never says no to almond milk lattes, a great fitting pair of jeans, garden roses, and a nude color palette.

      Chelsea brings a background in biology, and a passion for growing gorgeous seasonal flowers to her work at Rae & Rose Floral Co. She finds inspiration in the untamed fleeting beauty found in the seasonal garden to create her lush and organic design style. Chelsea is drawn to the color in her surroundings, along with any puppy in sight. When not with her flowers, Chelsea loves being outdoors above all else- at the beach with her dog, playing catch with her husband, or running alone to her favorite anthems. Chelsea studied floral design under local designers, and Floret, one of the nation’s leading farmer-florist operations.